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LOVECHILD Theater Company is...

Formed out of Atlantic Acting School, we are an ensemble brought together by our collective impulse to create the weird, wild, gory, and glorious theater that we want to see.


As a collective, LOVECHILD Theater Co. produces shows that push the boundaries of what theater means today. We love to experiment with genre, content, and themes that we feel are relevant, but often hidden from the popular theater space. 


We are committed to lifting up fresh, exciting voices through our focus on producing new playwrights that align with our values and want to work side by side with our teams to see their visions come to life!


As our theater company began as a group of friends from school, we like to have fun. We work in environments that encourage all creatives to let their imagination run wild! However, we ensure a safe environment at all times for them to do so.

LOVECHILD Theater Company was born in chaos but brought together by collective passion. We are dedicated to telling the diverse truths of the human psyche, in order to reveal the extraordinary within the ordinary. In fostering a collaborative & transformative environment, we create pieces that reflect our cohort by uplifting voices that we feel speak for us. We aim to create the weird, wild, gory, and glorious theater that we want to see. With a focus on honoring a multiplicity of experiences, we commit ourselves to boldly reinterpreting the theatrical landscape. 

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